Join Our Team!



First of all, thanks for your interest in joining Miles for Mountains! We're stoked to have dedicated photographers on our team, and appreciate your support for this cause. We want to make sure we're giving back to the very lands we hike most often, in order to capture our amazing photos and videos. MFM ensures that the followers and fans of your work will be playing an important role in that cause when they purchase your photos. 



You're probably wondering what the specifics are. First, we ensure that $20 are assigned to every mile you hike. The more miles you hike, the more money is put towards the price of your print. After your trip, send us the photo you took during the hike that you'd like to sell as a print, along with details from your hike (distance, description of experience and location.) We'll then put your photo on sale for one week. If you hiked 1 mile to get "the shot", it will be sold for $20. If you hiked 8 miles, it will be sold for $160! After a print is sold, you will receive 20% of the profit from that individual sale. 5% will go towards the price of printing and shipping, and 75% will go to the National Parks Conservation Association. 



If you're an avid explorer, enjoy the outdoors and have a portfolio that reflects your trips, we'd love to have you on our team. Remember, the more you promote your hikes and print sales on social media, the more we stand a chance at preserving Mother Nature (and the more money you'll make!) If you'd like to join our team, send us a link to your work, Instagram account and any additional info you'd like us to see!