Miles For Mountains

A collaboration between creatives and concerned citizens.


This is a collective effort

The political environment surrounding the preservation of our nation's lands has become volatile. The efforts to preserve the sanctuaries our National Parks provide have been led by a collective of companies, non-profits and private citizens. We've chosen to join this movement, and practice what we preach. 

How it works

We've assembled a team of photographers, who also share our passion for the outdoors. Every time they go out and hike a trail to get "the shot", we translate their miles into money. For every mile they hike, we assign $20.00. After they record their total distance, we pick a photo from their hike and make it available for purchase, in print form. Longer hikes take more effort, but also produce a better photo. Therefore, the more the photographer hikes to get their photo, the more the print will cost. 

Giving Back

We pledge to donate 75% of each purchase to the National Parks Conservation Association. A portion of 5% will be used for printing, shipping and promoting this program. Our roster of photographers will receive the remaining 20% from each print purchased in order to cover their expenses from the trip (gas, food, etc.)