A promotional video for the Miles For Mountains campaign; a project to protect our National Parks. For more information on how to get involved, visit lostfoxcollective.com/mfm

A little under two years ago, I began touring with a band called Silent Planet. Their songs had began resonating with thousands of people who had been affected by the scenarios depicted in the lyrics, and knowing this, I began documenting their live performances. I then had the opportunity to travel with them, learning more about their personalities and beliefs. In the end, I was left with hours of footage to sort through, and content that was too rich in depth to narrow down to one story. What I was left with was this chronological visual journal of their day-to-day process on one stretch of a tour. Through the visuals and audio presented in this project, I wanted to build a window for their fans to peer into the daily lives of these incredible musicians and people, and empathize with the message they're writing with their music.

A fleeting memory of a fulfilling experience. Our trip to Utah remains as visceral and inspiring to this day as it was in the moment. This short film captures the canyons we climbed and mountains we marveled at for that week in the valley of Moab.

A collection of all of our experiences, adventures and projects from 2016 thus far.

Dealing with the March of Progress, and how the process has become reversed in some parts of society, this video illustrates the complacency routines can cause, and how returning to our primitive state can be exciting, and sometimes dangerous.

Alone; determined to destroy. Together; created to create.


I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Maui and Oahu. During my time there, I was able to experience some of the most beautiful and inspiring places I've ever visited, and attempted to capture a fraction of the awe these islands deliver.

Chase your dreams, search for your passion, just don't do it alone. For the newest episode of Get Lost, we traveled to Colorado and set out for 2 days to explore the snow-covered Rockies, and took time to reflect on what we've been able to accomplish this past year.

On the 15th installment of the Get Lost series, we explore the city of Chicago, from the tallest buildings in the nation, to the coldest shores of the region. 

We worked with the dancers from Point B Dance Studio in Lawrence, KS to create our own visual story, told through the art of dance. 

Artist Feature: Mark buergler

We followed around our good friend Mark as he described his craft of composing, and how it's more than just a hobby. 

Get Lost (Episode 13)

Taking a stroll through the woods with new friends.


The Story of Ali & Logan

Our good friends Ali and Logan decided to take the next step in their relationship after spending 7 years together. This is their story.  


Kansas Cycling

A short promotional video we created for the University of Kansas Cycling team. Filmed, edited and distributed in under 3 hours. 


Through the valleys and around the bends, there lies the town of Gothic.