This past week has been spent roaming across the Pacific Northwest with friends, old and new. I've seen everything from the foggy beaches of Oregon, to the rainy metropolis that is Seattle. I've heard accounts of how these strangers arrived at where they are now, and with each new story, I've been encouraged to embrace the unknown. They took a leap of faith, and landed in a space they have become acquainted with. This trip has been less about the sights, and more about the stories. Of course it is soothing to receive validation of my goals and encouragement, while having a clear view of Mount Rainier or the Puget Sound. However, engaging fully with the like-minded pioneers before me, and applying their situations to my own has been the true miracle. What I'm trying to say, is that the people here radiate empathy, at least the many I've come across so far. No matter their rank in society or season of life, they've accepted my story and fully engaged in helping me achieve my goals. Shedding all pride and power, they return to their roots with every conversation. That is the largest factor that makes me desire this region. Finding beauty within nature is always my mission, but discovering humans with beautiful souls is an even rarer occurrence, and it's what I believe I've found here.  


Below are some photos from my journey across Oregon and Washington, of the places I've seen and people I've met.