Adjusted Focus

I began shooting on film with an old Canon TL camera on my most recent trip to Washington. Since that trip, I've made an effort to use it as often as possible. This newfound passion to shoot has come from many factors, one being the art of film itself. To get the correct framing, exposure and moment in time demands intense patience, but yields a unique reward. There had been something missing from my work that I didn't know existed in the first place, and that was focus. Focusing on my surroundings, my subject and the settings of my camera.

Digital technology has also proven its worth (I could go on about praising the new iPhone 7+ camera) but the simplicity it has brought to consumers, has veiled the very reason we take photos in the first place; to capture valuable moments in time. Of course value is relevant, but the weight of a moment increases dramatically when it costs money for a small roll of memories.

If there's one takeaway from the usage of film, it's not that the quality is incredible or the reward of shooting with it is exemplified by its tangibility. Instead, it reminds you with every click of the shutter why you picked up a camera in the first place. That in itself is unique to every photographer, but the one constant that connects us all lies at the root of film; to share a moment of our lives with others, so that they may see what we saw in the raw beauty of that memory. 

Below are some images that were captured on my first roll of film. (Kodak 400)