My drive to Montana yesterday was a humbling one. Possibly the most mentally-trying and draining experience I've had in a long time. Through it all, one theme became extremely prevalent; nature is in control. Driving through a blizzard or over snow-covered roads with no idea of your bearings, and no one in sight to assist can put the issues in your life into perspective very quickly. Resorting to basic survival comes first, and worst-case scenarios cross your mind. At that moment, the storm lifts, the sky clears and the roads are dry again. Visualizing yourself coming out of the storm or through that last mountain pass in one piece can be a healthy mental remedy, if only temporary, but reminding oneself to show unwavering respect to nature afterwards is the ultimate outcome. This experience could all possibly be a metaphor for life in general, realizing that it is in control, and rather than trying to control it, learn to roll with any storms it may send your way. For those lost in mind or spirit, attempting to find who they are as a person or what goal they hope to achieve in life, recognize the resources that have been placed around you, visualize yourself using them and reach your destination. 

Below are a few images I was able to capture while driving through the mountains of eastern Idaho.