Redefining Beauty

Viewing the same sights from a different perspective. It seems trivial, but it can revitalize your will to explore, and your yearn for adventure. Traveling to the Pacific Northwest region has indeed become a popular trend within the last few years, but routine can be broken, and settled areas can become new once again. Going into this trip, I realized that there would be many "Instagram-able" moments and sights, but that didn't deter us from pushing our itinerary further than those who had traveled here prior to my arrival.  We spent our days roaming in all directions, and stumbling across not only wondrous sights, but some unexpected emotions as well. Hiking 2,300 feet in the rain, mud and treacherous wind, with no warning and no guarantee of safety, our bodies were made fragile, and our values were put into perspective. Taking a nap in the trunk of a car on the beach, while the storm moved in from the ocean, a new definition of peace was presented before my eyes. This region, as with any area you may travel to, is only as beautiful as you choose to make it. The world is not ours; the mountains we climb can never be conquered and the oceans we swim in can never be understood. But if we go into these places with respect allowing nature to envelope us, we may grow closer to appreciating it.