Creativity. Vision. Community.

Our focus is on much more than just filming, taking photos and creating designs. We want to establish a movement, a family of adventurous creatives, who are constantly capturing the beauty of their surroundings. Here, you can utilize our database of destinations to create your own trip, become a contributor, or apply to join our team of creatives. This entire concept is based on the belief that collaboration is greater than competition. So join our cause, and get lost with us.  

What we're doing

  • Creating a community of artists with a united vision and passion for their craft.
  • Promoting the benefits of collaboration rather than competition.
  • Utilizing the beauty found within nature for our work.

The Visualist

Andrew Shepherd has been passionately pursuing the art of photography and videography for the past seven years. His style is focused on connecting aspects of storytelling with nature and the outdoors. Since the wilderness is the greatest resource for visuals and inspiration, Andrew has focused Lost Fox's mission on connecting it's audience with nature, and encouraging them to get lost in it. 

The Composer

Mark Buergler knows how to expertly combine musicality to visuals. He has been our main source of compositions for our video work, and has had an impressive resume outside of our brand for the last three years. Having the capability to work with and cater to clients, creating concepts with him is always a positive experience. 

  • Delivering provoking visuals and stories for our clients' products and ideas.
  • Assisting explorers with a database of information and locations related to where they plan to travel next. 
  • Growing a family of creative adventurers. 

The Designer

Sarah Strempke has been pursuing graphic design for the past seven years. Her style is adaptable to whatever the cause may call for, from light and playful to ominous and daring, she can cover it all. She has a notable portfolio, and has even been the lead designer for the Lost Fox branding since our inception.